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with rear extension

Adapted to the transport of containers:

  • 40 'HiCube

  • 40 'ISO

  • thirty'

  • 20 'in the central position (up to 30t) and 20' in the rear position

  • 2x20 '

SC03_40'R: Produkty

Technical data

Total length (extended) 12,820 approx. mm
Total length (retracted) 11,455 approx. mm

Outer width 2,550 approx. mm

Rear loading height 1.125 approx. mm

Seat height (unladen) 1,115 approx. mm

Construction height of the head of the frame (including floor thickness and coupler plate) 130 approx. mm

The position of the king pin relative to the center axis is 7.745 mm

Wheelbase (1st axle - 2nd axle / 2nd axle - 3rd axle) 1,310 / 1,410 mm

The maximum permissible load on the fifth wheel is (technically) 15,000 kg

Maximum permissible load on the axle assembly (technically) 27,000 kg

Gross vehicle weight (technically) 42,000 kg

Vehicle weight (without spare wheel) 5.035 approx. kg

SC03_40'R: Info
SC03_40'R: Produkty
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  • Plastic tool box

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