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CIMC Vehicles (CIMC Vehicles Group Co., Ltd.) was founded in 2002 and was based on the CIMC Trailer Division, the largest group of container manufacturers in the world.
CIMC Vehicle maintains the management idea of "Global Service and Local Knowledge", provides first-class road transport equipment and services in the global market, mainly all kinds of special vehicles and related parts and services etc.

from   2002 years


Management Board of Cimc Vehicles Group

President: Mr. Mai Boliang


Equity Structure

CEO: Mr. Li Guiping

  • Sustainable structure;

  • an effective decision-making mechanism for the board of directors.

  • High quality management team.

  • Mechanism of action and supervision.


Development history

On April 16, CIMC GROUP organized a trailer event in Shenzhen. The CEO, MAI Boliang, announced that the CIMC GROUP strategy - a special vehicle project - was launched.

  • Successful acquisition of two leading enterprises in China - CIMC THT 、 CIMC HUAJUN;

  • SCVC investment and construction.

  • Established a wholly owned subsidiary of Vanguard in North America and acquired the eighth tier trailer company HPA MONON.

  • The winning offer for 13,000 semi-trailers in the order for the MAERSK company.

Accelerate global operations shaping with the formation of a Thai JV with Sumitomo and the acquisition of MLI in Australia.

The Management Board of CIMC Vehicles Group has appointed Mr. Li Guiping as the company's CEO.

CIMC Vehicles has officially established its "Global Action and Local Knowledge" management philosophy.

China's leading conversion and modernization industry began planning and building CIMC Light Tower factories.

100% of CIMC Vanguard and LAG Group shares acquired from CIMC GROUP.

  • June. CIMC Vehicles spent £ 91.7 million to complete the full acquisition of the British Reltan Group. This helped CIMC Vehicles to quickly climb to third place in the European market.

  • First CIMC Light Tower factory opened in Dongguan.

CIMC Vehicles has created another historical operating performance, annual revenue and net profit reached RMB 24.1 billion and RMB 1.2 billion.

CIMC Vehicles successfully listed on HKEX on July 11, 2019.

The annual revenue reached RMB 17.6 billion, the net profit reached RMB 756 million, which was the historical performance since the company was founded.

Development history


Enterprise performance

Operating income

Net profit

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