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CSU standard

Internal length of the cargo space 13,620 approx. mm
Inner height 2,765 ca mm
Inner width (between the stanchions) 2,480 approx. mm
Rear loading height (clear height) 2,680 approx. mm
Rear floor height (unladen) 1,200 approx. mm
Seat height (unladen) 1.080
Constructional height of the head of the frame 120 ca mm.
The position of the king pin relative to the center axis is 7,700 mm
Wheelbase 1,310 / 1,310 mm
The maximum permissible load on the fifth wheel is (technically) 15,000 kg
Maximum permissible load on the axle assembly 27,000 kg
Gross vehicle weight (technically) 42,000 kg
The curb weight of the vehicle (without a spare wheel) is 6,600 kg

CSU standard: Produkty
CSU standard: Produkty
CSU standard: Produkty

Steel front wall, bolted and riveted. Steel front stanchions.



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